Winston Churchill's Visit to Fulton, Missouri
Traveling Trunk Program

What is a Traveling Trunk?
National Churchill Museum's traveling trunks are mini-museums, bringing a little bit of history to your classroom, scout troop, or other organization. Each trunk contains a variety of "hands-on" objects: clothing, photographs, objects, books, audio tapes, activity sheets, and a teacher handbook. Trunks are aligned with the Missouri and national learning standards. They are appropriate for all ages.

Winston Churchill's Visit to Fulton, Missouri Traveling Trunk
Winston Churchill was Britain's Prime Minister during World War II. Follow his journey as he treks across the Atlantic, making his way to Fulton, Missouri. Relive the moment he recited his "Iron Curtain" speech.

Corresponding subjects : Social Studies, Geography, Speech, Leadership, English/Language Arts

Lessons are available for grades K-12 and come with a teacher handbook. With this teaching resource, leaders can create innovative and interactive classroom instruction.

Ask Us About a Traveling Trunk Classroom Presentation!
Museum staff will come to your classroom with the traveling trunk to lead a classroom discussion.

How Can You Order a Traveling Trunk?
Trunks are loaned for two weeks. Trunks are $25.00 to rent. For reservations or for more information, please email us.

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“Leave the past to history especially as I propose to write that history myself.”

Winston S. Churchill