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Recent past Dispatch Box e-newsletters 

2023-11-24 Friends of the Churchill Museum Event Updates! – Celebrate with us on November 30

2023-11-11 Dispatch Box: Honoring Veterans – Upcoming Churchill birthday/holiday event

2023-08-29 Dispatch Box: Museum Acquires New Churchill Painting, Others Added on Loan – Museum News and Events

2023-04-01 Dispatch Box: Today is Clementine Churchill's Birthday – April events and new exhibits

2023-03-05 Dispatch Box Special Edition: Remembering "The Sinews of Peace"

2023-02-20 Dispatch Box: Wren 300 & Churchill Funeral Exhibit – This week, an organ concert and speaker series

2022-11-18 Dispatch Box: Celebrate the Season in Churchillian Style – Upcoming events, plus 15% off sale

2022-10-28 Dispatch Box: Kasparov speaks out against Putin in "A New Sinews of Peace" speech – Also, last chance to see Iron Curtain Speech draft and new exhibit on Churchill's daughter

2022-09-08 Dispatch Box: Sept/Oct events and news – Talks by Garry Kasparov, Katherine Carter; Remembering Queen Elizabeth, Gorbachev; and more

2022-02-28 Dispatch Box: "Iron Curtain" Speech Events on March 5 – Join us online and in person for a webcast, tour, and exhibit

2021-11-30 Dispatch Box: Churchill's 147th Birthday + Giving Tuesday – Plus, check out the new exhibition: Winston Churchill: Passion for Painting

2021-07-26 Dispatch Box: Grand Reopening July 30-August 1 – Free Admission, Churchill Paintings Exhibition, Beacon of Resilience Concert

2021-05-28 Dispatch Box: New online exhibit examines draft of "Iron Curtain" speech – Sinews of Peace: Power of Prose, Father's Day sale, Webinar recap

2021-04-17 Dispatch Box: Museum Partners with East African Churchill Institution – Join us for a global webinar on leadership

2021-03-30 Dispatch Box: webcast April 1, 75th recap, 30% off sale – Join us for "The River War: Churchill at War on the Nile" with Dr. Muller

2021-03-04 Tomorrow: "Sinews of Peace" Speech 75th Anniversary – Free program from America's National Churchill Museum

2020-12-18 Dispatch Box to Friends of America's National Churchill Museum – Happy Holidays from America's National Churchill Museum

2020-11-28 Dispatch Box to Friends of America's National Churchill Museum – from America's National Churchill Museum at Westminster College

2020-11-08 Biweekly Dispatch Box from America's National Churchill Museum – Beacon of Resilience

2019-03-05 News from America's National Churchill Museum

2019-01-31 News from America's National Churchill Museum





“Leave the past to history especially as I propose to write that history myself.”

Winston S. Churchill