Jon Meacham Kemper Lecture 2017

The Lectureship
The Enid and R. Crosby Kemper Lectureship was established in 1979 by a grant from the Enid and R. Crosby Kemper Foundation of Kansas City, Missouri. It is intended to provide for lectures by authorities on history, Winston Churchill and his legacy in today's world.


The Lectures

1981 Martin Gilbert The Origins of the 'Iron Curtain' Speech
1983 Sir John Plumb, F.B.A. The Dominion of History
1984 Sir William Deakin, D.S.O. Churchill and Europe in 1944
1985 Sir John Colville, C.B. C.V.O. The Personality of Sir Winston Churchill
1986 Robert Rhodes James, M.P. Churchill, The Man
1987 Lord Blake, F.B.A., J.P. Churchill and the Conservative Party
1988 Philip S. Ziegler The Transfer of Power in India
1990 Sir Michael Howard Churchill – Prophet of Detente
1991 The Lady Soames, D.B.E. Winston Churchill: The Great Human Being
1992 Professor Reginald V. Jones, C.B.E. Churchill as I Knew Him
1993 Hon. Edwina Sandys, M.B.E. Winston Churchill – His Art Reflects His Life
1994 The Rt Hon Lord Amery Memories of Churchill and How He Would Have Seen The World Today
1995 Robin W. Winks, F.R. Hist. S. Winston Churchill, Intelligence and Fiction: "Mysteries Inside Enigmas"
1997 Professor John Lukacs Churchill the Visionary
1998 Professor William Rogers Churchill and the Liquidation of the British Empire
1999 Philip M. H. Bell Churchill and France during the Second World War: 'Never Will I Believe that the Soul of France is Dead.'
2000 Andrew Roberts Churchill and His Critics
2001 Richard B. Frank Ending the Pacific War: History and Fantasy
2002 The Rt Hon Lord Jenkins Why Churchill's Speech Was 'A Shot Which Rang Around The World'
2003 Celia Sandys  
2005 John Ramsden  Churchill and the Germans
2007 Sir Martin Gilbert  
2008 Christopher Catherwood Winston Churchill and the Creation of Modern Iraq
2009 Lynne Olson Not Playing the Game: How Winston Churchill Came to Power
2010 Carlo D'Este Warlord: Churchill as a Military Leader
2011 Sir Max Hastings Churchill: The Indispensable Man
2012 Sir David Cannadine Winston Churchill: The Statesman as Artist
2013 Professor Peter Clarke Churchill as Author
2014 Paul Reid Churchill, A Portrait of Leadership
2015 Professor Richard Toye Churchill and the Golden Age of Journalism 
2016 Professor Klaus Larres War, Terror, and Global Order: The Search for Stability from the 'Iron Curtain' to the Present
2017 Jon Meacham The Relevance of Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt Today
2018 His Excellency Ron Dermer, Ambassador of Israel Churchill and Israel
2019 Andrew Roberts Winston Churchill's Sense of Humour
2021 George F. Will Churchillian Realism
2022 Garry Kasparov A New Sinews of Peace
2024 Admiral James Stavridis, USN, Ret. Global Challenges and Opportunities Through the Eyes of Churchill

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“Leave the past to history especially as I propose to write that history myself.”

Winston S. Churchill