America's National Churchill Museum, on the campus of Westminster College, commemorates and celebrates the life, times, and distinguished career of Sir Winston Churchill and inspires current and future leaders by his example of resilience, determination, and resolution. It remembers the life of Winston Churchill and keeps his memory alive for future generations.

Enter the magnificent Christopher Wren-designed Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury. Dating back to the 17th Century, the Church was painstakingly moved from London to Fulton and lovingly reconstructed, stone-by-stone, on the Westminster College campus. Featuring a hand crafted tracker organ and an original Wren pulpit, the Church now stands exactly as Wren's design envisaged in 1677.

Walk through the sculpture Breakthrough, created from eight sections of the Berlin Wall by celebrated artist Edwina Sandys, Churchill's granddaughter.

Enter the historic Gymnasium where Churchill delivered his famous 'Iron Curtain' speech, its structure frozen in time waiting for you to walk into the past.

See two magnificent bronze sculptures - Franta Belsky's Churchill (1970) and Don Wiegand's brass relief Iron Curtain (2011).

Other ANCM resources and special events include:

We invite you to explore Churchill's Life of Leadership and his journey to Fulton. Visit the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury and learn the story of its transformation.

“Leave the past to history especially as I propose to write that history myself.”

Winston S. Churchill