Members of The Sinews of Peace Giving Society sustain the Museum through an annual membership contribution of $1,000 or more. These Members receive exclusive privileges and extraordinary access to the Museum in return for their generosity.

Please e-mail Timothy Riley or call 573-592-5233 for more information about joining The Sinews of Peace Giving Society.

The Sinews of Peace Giving Society Benefits

All general Membership benefits


Chancellor of the Exchequer
All benefits above plus
  • 5 guest passes
  • Private Tour for up to 20 guests
Prime Minister
All Chancellor of the Exchequer benefits plus
  • 10 guest passes
  • Special lecture presentation at private location - distance negotiable
Knight of the Garter
All Prime Minister benefits plus
  • 15 guest passes
  • Complimentary use of Museum space for a private event - limit 100
  • VIP Private luncheon and Tour for 4 guests with Director
All Knight of the Garter benefits plus
  • 20 guest passes
  • Original artwork print by Edwina Sandys
Sinews of Peace
All Blenheim benefits plus
  • 25 guest passes
  • Philanthropic gifts at the Sinews of Peace level are given special recognition. For more information on joining this distinguished membership society, please call the Director at 573-592-5233.

“Leave the past to history especially as I propose to write that history myself.”

Winston S. Churchill