Church of St. Mary

Seating for 325 guests, bridal dressing room, and option for day or evening wedding ceremonies, this unique English church with its simple, beautiful design and details captures the heart and romance of any vintage or modern bride.

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Bridal Dressing Room

Our Churchill the Man and Wit and Wisdom rooms are the perfect location for your bridal dressing room. Large enough for a party of 15-20, the rooms provide an elegant backdrop for your pre-ceremony activities. A full-length mirror and coatrack are provided.

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Backer Hall

This beautiful, modern reception venue is within walking distance of the Church of St. Mary. Seating up to 275 guests, Backer Hall is whimsically stylish, sophisticated, and elegant, while also being casual and relaxing.

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*Only available during Westminster College breaks

 event set up Backer Dining Hall
photo courtesy of Avia

Latshaw Plaza

Outdoor reception or ceremony venue includes the Church of St. Mary and the Berlin Wall sculpture as backdrops to your outdoor reception or ceremony venue. Think wide open space surrounding you with warmth and history.

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Latshaw Plaza events
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Mueller Student Center

Provides you with a clean slate, the perfect venue to create the event of your dreams

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