See What Teachers and Students are Saying About Their Museum Experience!

"The museum is wonderful-an amazing mix of the marvel of technology sharing events of such historical significance...It was amazing how their attention was riveted by history...The National Churchill Museum is a treasure right here in mid-Missouri."
- Jennifer Silver, teacher @ Mexico Senior High School, Mexico, MO
"We enjoyed the museum very much. We were in the area visiting our legislatures...I would say you are one of the best experiences in the state."
- Sue Wagner, teacher @ Avenue City Elementary School, Cosby, MO
"I asked my students in class the next day, what part of the field trip was their favorite. They chose the Churchill Memorial over and over. They were so impressed with the exhibit. I heard many comments like, "How come we had no idea this place existed or that Churchill spoke here?" I teasingly replied it was because they had not had my Modern World History class. Fantastic experience. Thank you so much."
- Pamela Marta, teacher @ Neosho High School, Neosho, MO
"The museum is well done. Close to home so kids can touch history in their own backyard."
- Leeanne Hedrick, teacher @ Christian Chapel Academy, Columbia, MO
"I think the National Churchill Museum is a treasure and I will continue to promote its use as part of our curriculum."
- Karen Smith, Smithton Middle School, Columbia, MO
"I think I will remember the qualities of a leader the most from my museum experience."
- Robbie, Smithton Middle School, 7th grade, speaking about the leadership tour
"I was very impressed by the program Saturday. Winston Churchill was a great leader during the World Wars. I saw how difficult his job must have been. Also by the end, I had a greater understanding of Churchill's personality. He demonstrated the characteristics that made him a good leader in all parts of his life. He was very determined in his pursuit of admittance to a military academy. Churchill took the entrance exam three times before he got in! He was self-motivated, learning more about politics while in the military. Winston Churchill was an amazing man, and I feel that this program has really helped me to see that."
- Becca, Smithton Middle School, 7th grade, speaking about the leadership tour
"I loved the interaction and the style of the museum."
- Ashley, Neosho High School, 12th grade
"The scavenger hunt was fun because it forced you to look at everything."
- Leah, Neosho High School, 12th grade
"I liked the setup of the museum. The information was very interesting and the scavenger [hunt] really helped to absorb the information. The Church was exceptional."
- Amanda, Neosho High School, 12th grade
"I remember all the hands-on work and the Church. It was really cool listening to the organ. Also the Berlin Wall."
- Olivia, Hallsville R-IV Middle School, 6th grade
"I liked that there was a scavenger hunt to make it fun and because we had to look for the answers you had to actually read it."
- Michaela, Christian Chapel Academy, 7th grade
"I think I will remember the most about the museum is learning from the movies about Hitler and Churchill."
- Andrew, Fulton Middle School, 8th grade
"That Winston Churchill actually came to Fulton will be what I remember most about my museum experience."
- Irvyng, Fulton Middle School, 8th grade
"[I will remember] the interactive screens and the airplane identification. The secret code thing was AWESOME!"
- Ray, Visitation Inter-Parish School, 6th grade


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