Crossword Puzzle
We are developing crossword puzzles for each section of Churchill's life. Check back for each puzzle! Because answers are found within the exhibit, these puzzles are a great tool to use during a field trip.

Scavenger Hunt
Use the Scavenger Hunt as a hands-on activity for your students. This is a great way to get students interacting with the exhibit as well as a great learning assessment tool.

Scavenger Hunt #2
This is a scavenger hunt with fun questions regarding Winston Churchill, Church of St. Mary, and "Breakthrough" Berlin Wall sculpture.

Churchill Jeopardy
Use this Jeopardy game as a pre- or post- visit activity. It is a fun way to test your students to see what they will/have learned at the Museum.

"Walk in Churchill's Shoes" Leadership Activity
This is a great activity to discuss the idea of leadership. Used as a field trip worksheet, students tour the exhibit and answer questions as if they were Winston Churchill.

Classroom Only Option: Students are asked to put themselves in Churchill's shoes, to empathize with his situations, and to decide on a course of action or come up with a good solution. Students should be encouraged to debate their ideas. All ideas and suggestions should be written on the board and students can discuss the ramifications of various actions. Following the discussion of each episode, reveal the action that Churchill took. The class should discuss what leadership qualities were required.

Churchill Activity Booklet
Enjoy this comprehensive guide to Churchill's life (1874-1965) courtesy of The Churchill Centre ( Included in the booklet are some activities for students to complete while reading along.

“Leave the past to history especially as I propose to write that history myself.”

Winston S. Churchill