Winston Churchill: His Life and Times

Elementary outreach programThis curriculum is aimed at upper elementary students who examine images and documents of Churchill and in doing so, define their own concept of his life and how it relates to today. The curriculum takes the students from Churchill's earliest years to today. The curriculum can be readily modified to fit the needs of individual classes and students

The students are divided into teams to develop a Winston Churchill book of pictures, documents, charts and maps that was hypothetically donated to the Winston Churchill Memorial. There are no descriptors on the pages to tell the students what they are viewing. The students will ultimately place these materials in chronological order including proper labeling.

Along with the photo album, students will develop a second book that would tell someone about their current world. Each student will bring in one image, which might be a picture of themselves or newspaper or magazine article about something they think is important in the world right now or a document that could be placed in a new book.

Teacher Guide

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“Leave the past to history especially as I propose to write that history myself.”

Winston S. Churchill