• Associate Director/Operational and Financial Manager
    The Associate Director position acts as the Operational and Financial Manager of America’s National Churchill Museum (ANCM). The Associate Director exists to support and optimize the performance of the Director by a) overseeing and managing the administrative, financial and operational functions of ANCM; b) serving as the liaison between the Director and various individuals, organizations, and constituencies; c) building effective and collaborative relationships with internal and external constituencies; and d) representing the Director at meetings and functions when the Director cannot attend. The Associate Director is responsible for protecting, promoting, and advancing the interests of ANCM and Westminster College by supporting the vision and goals of the Museum Director and College President.
  • Museum Education Volunteer Chair
    America's National Churchill Museum Education Volunteer Chair is responsible for scheduling and evaluating volunteers.
  • Museum Experience Tour Guide
    To provide a welcome, hospitable environment and rewarding learning experience to school groups through self-guide and guided tours.
  • Museum Outreach Educator
    Museum Outreach Educators (MOE) take the Museum experience into the mid-Missouri community by providing structured lesson plans to children and adults in classrooms, libraries, and other public venues.

“Leave the past to history especially as I propose to write that history myself.”

Winston S. Churchill