Winston Churchill Student Speech Competition Score Sheet

CONTESTANT # _________

Award each speaker from 1 point (“fair”) to 10 points (“excellent”) for each criterion.

CONTENT (40 points possible)                                 (Space to make optional comments.)

 “CONTENT” points subtotal (out of 40 possible) = _______

DELIVERY (40 points possible)

“DELIVERY” points subtotal (out of 40 possible) = _______


“EFFECTIVENESS” points subtotal (out of 20 possible) = _______


Total points (out of 100) = _____ minus ____ penalty points = _____ (final point total)

Number of speakers competing = ____                 Rank (place) of this speaker = ____ (no ties)


Judge’s name (please print) ________________________________ Zone __________________

Judge’s signature ________________________________________ Date __________________


*1-point penalty for each 15 seconds or fraction thereof over or under the allotted time

*5-point penalty for any mention of name or school or hometown, or for failure to include the assigned Churchill quotation

*Disqualification for failure to identify non-original material or for use of props or special costumes/clothing.


Download the Score Sheet (PDF)


“Leave the past to history especially as I propose to write that history myself.”

Winston S. Churchill