clock | Posted 7/25/11

Tammy Bumgarner is having more fun than ever as the program coordinator for the City of Brentwood's Parks and Recreation Department.

Since taking the post three years ago, one of her duties has been to accompany local residents on City-sponsored day trips. One such group of mostly senior citizens has, in recent months, taken a Civil War tour of Jefferson Barracks, cruised the Mississippi on a riverboat near Hannibal and gone eagle watching.

On Friday they took a bus to Fulton, Missouri to see the horses. They toured William Woods University's Equestrian Center. The school started the first four-year equestrian science program in the U.S. While in town the local group was also able to glimpse other historic sites, such as the National Churchill Museum at Westminster College. (In 1955, Winston Churchill made his famous "iron curtain" speech in Fulton.) And they had lunch in historic downtown Fulton at Beks, which is in a storefront that was built 1902.

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“Leave the past to history especially as I propose to write that history myself.”

Winston S. Churchill