CELEBRATE the 50th anniversary of America’s National Churchill Museum at Westminster College where Winston Churchill delivered his legendary 'Iron Curtain' speech.

DISCOVER the wonders of the Museum that The Wall Street Journal recently named one of the ten most intriguing 2019 travel destinations in the world.

JOIN members of the Churchill family, Churchill Fellows, and other prestigious dignitaries from across the globe in Fulton, Missouri for a weekend of extraordinary exhibitions and events, including a special commemoration of the re-hallowing of Sir Christopher Wren’s Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, an unforgettable memorial to Sir Winston Churchill.

Event Schedule

All events except those requiring registration are free and open to the public. Free admission to the Museum is made possible by The Callaway Bank.


Honorary Committee (in formation)

Randolph Churchill, Co-Chairman
Governor Michael L. Parson, Co-Chairman
Mayor LeRoy D. Benton
Senator Roy Blunt
Philip J. Boeckman, Senior Fellow
Ambassador Stephen F. Brauer
Senator Christopher "Kit" Bond
Jack Churchill
Jennie Churchill
Tricia Nixon Cox
Senator John C. Danforth
Clifton Truman Daniel
Anne Eisenhower
Susan Eisenhower
Vera Fairbanks
Tina Santi-Flaherty
Laurence Geller, C.B.E.
Senator Josh Hawley
R. Crosby Kemper III
Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III
Henry Kissinger, Ph.D.
Fletcher M. Lamkin, Ph.D.
Richard J. Mahoney
The Rt Honorable Sir John Major KG CH
Richmond H. McCluer, Jr.
Jean-Paul Montupet
Governor Jay Nixon
John M. Panettiere
General (Ret) David H. Petraeus, Ph.D.
The Honorable Edwina Sandys, M.B.E.
Duncan Sandys
Monroe E. Trout, M.D.
The Honorable Emma Soames
The Rt. Honorable Sir Nicholas Soames
The Rt. Honorable Lord Watson of Richmond, C.B.E


Board of Governors of
Association of Churchill Fellows

Philip J. Boeckman, Senior Fellow
A. Van L. Brokaw III
Nancy E. Carver
Robert L. DeFer
Earle H. Harbison, Jr.
William C. Ives
R. Crosby Kemper III
Barbara D. Lewington
Richard J. Mahoney
Jean-Paul L. Montupet
G. Robert Muehlhauser
Harold B. Oakley
William Piper
Suzanne D. Richardson
William H. Roedy
The Honorable Edwina Sandys, M.B.E.
James M. Schmuck, Ph.D
Judith D. Schwartz, Ph.D. 
Linda Gill Taylor
Monroe E. Trout, M.D.
John C. Wade
The Rt. Honorable Lord Watson of Richmond

Emeriti and Ex Officio

Hjalma E. Johnson
William H. Tyler
John R. McFarland
Timothy S. Riley
Rev. Harold L. Ogden
Fletcher M. Lamkin, Ph.D.


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“Leave the past to history especially as I propose to write that history myself.”

Winston S. Churchill