The Fulton Sun | Don Norfleet | Sunday, April 7, 2013

The National Churchill Museum in Fulton and the Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society will receive the 2013 Missouri Humanities Award for Exemplary Community Achievement in the Humanities in Missouri.

The award will be presented April 17 in Jefferson City at the Missouri Humanities Council's awards ceremony.

Last year the National Churchill Museum brought the traveling Smithsonian exhibit, "The Way We Worked," to Fulton. The Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society also created another exhibit, "The Kingdom at Work" that was placed next to the traveling Smithsonian exhibit in the National Churchill Museum.

Both exhibits attracted many visitors during last year's exhibition and both will be honored by the Missouri Humanities Council.

Rob Havers, National Churchill Museum director, said the museum was fortunate to host a Smithsonian exhibit last year and thanked the Missouri Humanities Council for the award.

"We were overjoyed at the enthusiastic response the Smithsonian exhibit received from the public and amazed at the significant contributions made by so many to make the exhibition possible," Havers said.


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